Sheet Metal Precision Machining

Sheet metal parts are defined as material .249 or less in thickness. Typical products are aluminum and can be formed via aluminum machining but have several steel and titanium parts as well.

PnJ is capable of managing all types of precision machining metal forming including stretch, hot, cold rolled, brake forming (including Joggling).

Currently one of our main stream forming product are Ø1.25 tube which is formed then pedestals are welded to tubes to create Handrails for 777 crew rest. PnJ has manufactured an enormous variety of sheet metal formed parts, from 70+inches long to simple angle bends. PnJ is capable of producing parts used in electrical discharge areas requiring ground studs, ground block, or variations there of.

These parts require Continuity Testing which PnJ is approved for BAC5117.

Contact Us today about our sheet metal and forming precision machining capabilities.

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