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In 1979 Paul Hogoboom Sr. started the company in our family garage with the motto “Quality and Delivery Make the Difference”.  P&J Machining, Inc. continues its dedication and commitment to delivering quality parts, on time at a competitive price.

P&J Machining, Inc. currently operates out of a 3 building campus style facility with more than 70,000 sq ft of manufacturing space.

Today the Hogoboom family continues the tradition by following the founders’ core values by utilizing leading edge technology for manufacturing and support equipment. P&J Machining, Inc. is continually reducing our costs of products using technology and innovation to compete on a global economic level.

What’s New

Our Cell technology continues to expand with new purchases:

2014 - Procured an additional Matsuura H-Plus 300mm high speed horizontal with a 15 pallet carousel.

2013-2014 - Procured 2 x Matsuura H-Plus 500mm high speed horizontals linked to a 60 pallet Fastems Cell system. 

2008 - Acquired our first CMM. We have chosen Zeiss, Accura 9-12-7 model. We are excited about the improved flow this will bring to our QA Department, by reducing inspection cycle times, increasing accuracy and reliability.

2007 - P&J Machining, Inc. purchased a new Toyoda Cell System; our second cell system thus reducing part cycle times and increasing capacity with lights out manufacturing. This new System has already shown us reduced cycle times, increased capacity, and improved scheduling from our previous cell system.

We continue to plan our future manufacturing requirements and still have capacity available.  Feel free to come by for a visit!