Special Precision Machining Processes & Assemblies

The majority of all products have special processing or plating conducted to it. PnJ Machining has aligned ourselves with local companies that support our short flow needs while maintaining high quality standards. These range from Cad plate, anodize (multiple standards and / or colors) chemical treating (alodine), top coats including brush satin, paint (large selection of customer designated colors), powder coating, Chromium, and Chromoly, just to name a few. This includes parts visible to the cabin interior with very strict acceptance criteria.

After special precision machining services have been completed some products required assembly. This includes but is not limited to rivet, bushing (including reaming), bearing (swage, stake, or press), bonding, and sealing. PnJ does a very wide range of assembled products including aerospace machining with ever challenging new techniques and customer designated standards. PnJ is always ready for new challenges when dealing with new product such as the new 787 Dreamliner.

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